Because German Angoras have a standard color of ruby-eyed white, we have a limited number of hybrids to bring color varieties into our stock. The hybrids are mostly German with some French or English Angora in their lineage.

Angora wool is known to be much warmer than sheep wool and does not produce any lanolin. The wool does not require any cleaning and can be spun immediately after the rabbit is shorn. Items made with angora wool can be worn next to the skin since the wool is so soft and produces the wonderful halo effect that it is known for.

Our rabbits are on a three-month shearing schedule which is recommended for good health and prevention of wool block.

Our rabbits are not only excellent wool producers, they are also wonderful pets. They are gentle and docile animals known for their fine personalities and calm temperaments.

We have a small rabbitry in Mid-Michigan where we concentrate in German Angora Rabbits and German Angora Hybrids. The majority of the rabbits we own are 100% German Angora, mostly from new import German lines.

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